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General description

This website was made in April 19th, 2021 By Tiresiat.com (YWK)

The aim is to help people who want something (whether it's related to online shopping or informations about a specific service like hiring someone or renting an apart) to get advices from others who have potentially had the same experience: Get their experiences, their thoughts, their feelings, their perspectives. Through that, It helps discover and build new relationships and new friends with shared passions and common values.

We are available on PC, Ipad, Smartphone, Android, Desktop, with no language restriction, no ads and completely free to use in terms of usability.

How does it work ?

The site allows you:

  • To post requests: By specifying first the related topic (film / serie, anime, clothes and shopping, professionals, foods / dishes, video games) inside the search bar of the Home page and by giving more details in the request popup showed after that.
    • You can put a reward to speed up the process and increase the chances of being answered. Please note that in order for Tiresiat to keep up operating, 80% of it will be issued to the poster with the most pertinent response judged by yourself.
    • You can also cancel it with no restriction only if no responses has been yet published for your request. For more specific issues related to that field, you can contact us
  • To post your thoughts to requests: By searching for a request and by answering it: If that one becomes "relevant" and chosen by the poster, both of you can become "friends" simultaneously. By pursuing this step, both of you will be invited to exchange your personal informations (only first name and last name) and your Tiresiat account will be upgraded.
    • If there's an award related to that request, transactions will be made using your paypal registered email address. However in order to keep up running tiresiat, 80% of it will be effectively issued to you and the other 20% to Tiresiat
    • You can also cancel it as well.
    • If you choose to add many advices for a single request, only one them will be showed at a time and potentially randomly to the user. So you must be careful and write concisely the final response.
  • To look for advices in order to look for available recommendations which matches your thoughs and maybe continue the existing thread. You can go here
  • To Invite friends in order to either showing him the site and its features, helping him post his requests directly or helping you answer to a specific request
  • To post products / services with your thoughts and your experiences

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